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Before and after photos can help you better understand the various procedures that are available to you, in addition to helping you form reasonable expectations of what can be achieved through plastic surgery. It is important to keep in mind that each cosmetic surgery patient is different and that your results may vary.
Hello Dr. Cher,

Thank you so much for a job well done!!! Excellent work!!! Happy New Year to me, my self image confidence is awesome!!!

I had twins 10 years ago and it put my body through a ringer, I went to see Dr. Cher for a consultation and the next week I was scheduled for Surgery, Liposuction, and extended tummy tuck. In less than a week later I was up and about pain free after going through a fairly extensive procedure and was already looking great. I recognized the shape I had pre-pregnancy coming out if the mist.
Dr. Cher honestly changed my life. I might live a decade longer because I am not battling that injury and I can now really exercise, and no matter how long I live Ill live better, because I came to you and you did a great job making me better.
I recommend this Surgeon if you want to have good surgery, quickly, at a great price.

Nancy F.

Dr. Cher was so comforting to me. I had just completed the Mohs Surgery for Basal Cell Carcinoma that left three big holes on my face: The left side of my nose, and underneath my left eye. I left that doctors office angry about the way my face looked due to my skin condition, thinking that I was going to end up being deformed. Frightened and scared I went to go see Dr. Cher to close the large wounds on my face, hoping that I wouldn't end up looking like a freak.
Dr. Cher explained what he was going to do, answered all my questions (and I had many),he took his time with me, listened to all my worries, and told me that everything would turn out great. Dr. Cher was right, He was great! Throughout the procedure he was constantly reassuring me that everything was going as planned as he began to talk to me I began to relax and the experience began to become a pleasant one.
I left his office with confidence knowing that my wounds would heal and most important not end up looking like a monster. Looking at my face now, no one knows I have had anything done. When I tell people how big and deep the holes on my face were they do not believe me.

Melissa W.

Dr. Cher is the kindest, most gentle soul that I have ever met. He performed a rhinoplasty procedure for cosmetic reasons and corrected my deviated nasal septum which improved my breathing and I could not be happier. The first time that I visited Dr. Cher's office I was nervous to have surgery, he greeted me with a big smile and made me feel so welcome and at ease. His demeanor made me feel very calm " I really did not feel as if I was having surgery" but that is Dr. Cher, he wants to assure you that "you're in good hands and that he will take care of you". Dr. Cher explained the procedure to me step by step and made excellent recommendations. Before, during and after the surgery Dr. Cher did not hesitate once to answer my calls. I still see Dr. Cher for follow up visits and he always welcomes me in the same way he welcomed me the first time we met.

Maha H.
Personal Banker

My experience with Dr. Cher was more than was perfect in every way.
I am extremely happy with the results of my rhinoplasty, lipo of the neck and chin implant surgery. Not only are the result's of Dr. Cher's work natural, he is very comforting, caring, patient and answered all of my questions. My recovery was fast and easy with minimal downtime and I looked amazing! From the first consultation to the follow-up appointments, Dr. Cher's judgement is without question. I highly recommend Dr. Cher to everyone, he is the greatest!

Yanay P.
Sales Executive, Beauty Industry

After I had surgery on my nose, it was interesting to me that on the 4th day the bandage was removed and I already felt well enough to drive and do my daily tasks. The whole experience with Dr. Cher was great. He is kind and a real gentleman. He had a good sense of humor! Most importantly, he is a true professional artist. I had 100% satisfaction!
I would recommend him to others including my brother who is planning on having the same surgery in a year or so.


Dr. Cher performed liposculpture on me, he gave me a smaller waist and totally contoured my body. I couldn't be more content and satisfied with Dr. Cher's work or as I prefer to call him...the miracle worker...artiste. I am in love with my body, my curves and flat stomach. I would highly recommend Dr. Cher's artisan hands to anyone, in fact several members of my family have had work done by Dr. Cher and continue going for consult and to have procedures done. I totally trust Dr. Cher's opinion when I contemplate future procedures and would not go with anyone else.

Francesca V.
Former Patient

Before becoming a patient of Dr. Cher, I had two rhinoplasty procedures done and was not happy with the doctors or the treatment they had done. It was as if they could not understand the look that I wanted. After a long consultation with Dr. Cher he told me that he felt he could give me the look that I had so desperately wanted to achieve. He was right! I love my new nose and wish I had come to Dr. Cher from the very start. I had been very unhappy and uncomfortable about the way I look for sometime, now I feel so sure of myself.

Dr. Cher spent a great deal of time with me and my family answering all of our questions and reviewing the pro's and con's before we decided to go through with the procedure. I am extremely happy with the results of Dr. Cher's work, the outcome was a very good looking and happy me! Dr. Cher is a very kind and patient man. He is a wonderful person and I am blessed to have found him. Thank you Dr. Cher for changing my life.

Amir A.
Former Patient

Dr. Cher did my breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tuck. The results are very natural looking, I am so happy! After having kids I was concerned about my decreasing breast size and wanted to increase the volume while keeping that natural look. I was fearful of loosing sensation at the incision, which did not at all happen.
After having the tummy tuck, I was fearful of the pain and time I would spend recovering. By day two, the drains were removed and by day three I could walk around without help. By day five, I did not have to take any more pain medications. The results are beautiful, I could not be happier! I would recommend him to friends, family and whoever is looking for great results.

Aida T., Medical Administrator

Prior to my tummy tuck with Dr. Cher I was not confident about my body. I dieted and exercised and continued to see no change in my mid section. After surgery, my confidence really improved. Now I am even more motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. I feel better than ever in my clothes and my marriage has even been re-sparked!
The whole experience was wonderful. Dr. Cher was so excited to make me beautiful and he went out of his way to comfort me throughout the entire process. I would recommend him to anyone!

Lisa L., Banker

I am in my mid seventies and was unhappy with my previous face and eye lift, Dr. Cher revised my previous work and created a natural look that fits my age. He provided excellent services and follow up skills, and with a caring bedside manner was most accommodating to me. He shows great empathy to his patients by understanding their financial constraints and offering affordable services without compromising the quality of care. I am very appreciative of Dr. Cher's work and the impact that it has made in my life. Prior to having chosen him, I had visited and researched various other surgeons. After seeing the remarkable results that he had achieved on his other patients, my decision was clear. Dr. Cher is innovative, compassionate, and never fails to deliver.

-Dr. Luciene M.

Dear Dr. Cher,

Words cannot express how grateful I am for your amazing gifted hands and talent.

I was very depressed and upset because a year ago I went to another plastic surgeon who was supposed to make my breathing better, give me a slight lift since my tip was falling down, which was what I felt a very straight forward procedure. Instead I was left with a damaged left ear since this surgeon removed cartilage for grafting, a hump on my nose, my tip was not corrected. It was a terrible result which left me devastated and depressed. I was afraid to redo it and nervous to revisit any type of corrective surgeon until I met you. Your sweet disposition and caring personality had made me feel that I can have enough trust to redo my nose. I felt confident after seeing many of your revisions that you had a great gift for perfection which was also very natural. I just want to say that I love my nose! You've changed my confidence and you have made me happy again. I also want to thank you for fixing my left ear. I get so many compliments on my nose and I am proud to refer you anyone that I can based on the fact that I know your work is excellent and I appreciate your personal follow up and care.

Thank you again for doing such an amazing job! I will be forever grateful.

Brook M.
Pharmaceutical Rep

I came in to fix my nose after a car accident. Dr. Cher was the best, he made me feel so comfortable and I loved my recovery and I felt and looked amazing afterwards. I was extremely happy with my results after the surgery. I would recommend Dr. Cher to everyone I know - he is the greatest.

Yanay P.

Dr. Cher was the best! I had a mini tummy tuck, liposuction of my love handles, liposuction of my neck area, a chin implant and a breast augmentation. Everything turned out great! Thanks again Dr. Cher.

Gabriela S.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Cher to anyone who is considering Breast Augmentation. He did such a wonderful job! My breasts are exactly how I wanted them. Dr Cher really is the best!I feel so much better about myself because Dr Cher is amazing at what he does. Thanks to him i have natural looking, larger breasts.


after having 3 kids I had some excess skin and fat in the tummy area. dr Cher made me feel so relaxed and comfortable but most importantly I had no pain and i was walking the next day. Dr Cher also provided 2 sessions with a nutritionist and I was so satisfied that I referred 2 of my friends.

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